Why Use A Meal Planner?

Why use a meal planner?

You may have heard the saying “failing to plan means planning to fail”- nowhere is this more true than in your meal planning!

In essence, if you don’t plan ahead, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and failure; more importantly, you’re a lot less likely to reach your goals.

If your goal is to lose weight, become fitter or generally live a healthier lifestyle, one of the easiest things you can do to set yourself up for success is to pay attention to the nutritional value of each of your meals by planning in advance.

Planning meals in advance has more benefits than you might think, including:

  • Experience of positive feelings that come from making positive changes to your diet, being organised and feeling in control of the process.
  • It’s easier to manage portion size, not overeat and ensure that you are meeting your daily nutritional targets. By using My Diet Meal Plan, there’s no need for you to calculate the nutritional values of meals in the hope that it matches your target; we do the work for you. We also calculate your nutritional targets according to your body composition and lifestyle.
  • Less food waste because you have a better understanding on the quantity of groceries you need to buy for each week, which can also save you money.
  • You’re less likely to buy unhealthy snacks and ready meals when shopping at the supermarket.
  • Less stress thinking about what you are going to eat, and what food you have in the cupboard when you come back from a busy day at work. Knowing in advance what you will be eating saves you a lot of precious time.
  • Using My Diet Meal Plan adds real variety to your diet! There are a wide variety of recipes available on My Diet Meal Plan from which you can choose to create your own meal plan; and you aren’t restricted to the same meals everyday.

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    I would like to confirm that I am on the zone diet. Can you help me.

    • My Diet Meal Plan 1 year ago

      Hi Chelsea. We are aware you have sent us a lot of messages but your email server keeps blocking our replies. We get the following error message. “Your mail could not be delivered because the recipient is only accepting mail from specific email addresses.”. Please can you email us from another address?

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