The Calorie and Macro Meal Planner

Enter your personalized nutrition targets and let our meal planner find the recipes to match. The grocery list will be generated automatically and you can download your meal plan to PDF. If you are unsure what your nutritional targets should be just allow the calorie and macro calculator to calculate it for you. It’s proven, highly effective and makes personalized meal planning much easier.

Meal Plan Generator

Ordinary calorie counter/tracker apps can be helpful in understanding the amount of calories found in your food but the process of constantly having to come up with recipe ideas and adjusting ingredient qualities to match your calories and macros can be exhausting. Our meal plan generator finds all the recipes to match your daily nutritional needs automatically- much easier!

You can still include your own recipes in the meal planner though. Add your own recipes and we will calculate the nutritional values automatically, just like a regular calorie tracker. You can then enter your own recipe into your meal plan and press the “lock” function to keep it in place. Once you do this you can then ask the meal planner to find meals to complete the rest of your day and still hit your macros and calorie targets.

If the planner returns a recipe that isn’t quite to your taste you can press the swap button to find a list of suitable alternatives.

This is a meal planner for one so you won’t have to keep dividing up the ingredient amounts when a recipe is made for 6 servings. If you do occasionally cook for more than one person you can adjust the serving size of a recipe in the grocery list section to quickly do the maths for you.

Once you have finished creating a weekly meal plan make sure to download your plan to PDF and stick it to your fridge to keep you on track!

Calorie and Macro Calculator

Are you unsure what your calorie and macro targets should be? When you create a plan make sure to select the “Build a plan for me” option and we will calculate personalized targets based on your personal statistics and your goal whether it is weight loss, healthy living/maintenance, or for building muscle/bodybuilding.

Our calculator is the only one to calculate a set of minimum and maximum ranges as opposed to just one specific number for calories and macronutrients. This allows you to have more flexibility in your diet and encourages you to have a healthy relationship with food. And of course, this approach is also proven to work!

Custom Planning and Popular Diet Plans

If you are a professional nutritionist you might prefer to set up your clients’ calorie and macronutrient targets yourself rather than use our calculator. Our Advanced Setup meal wizard allows you to do exactly that. You can even set up different targets on different days as well as adjust limits on sodium, sugar, fibre and saturated fat.

If you are not a nutritionist and you are interested in a particular popular diet plan then we offer a number of popular plans including Intermittent fasting, Keto, Atkins, Zone, and high protein diets such as Classic Bodybuilding (40-40-20).

Grocery List

Once you have set up your diet meal plan you will need to make sure you have all of the ingredients you need to follow it.

The grocery list will automatically list all of the ingredients found in the recipes on your meal planner page.

Once you have listed which ingredients you already have in the pantry you are ready to download the shopping list to PDF, which you can either view on your phone or print off for when you go to the supermarket.

Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is a great way of keeping yourself motivated. If you are trying to lose a little belly fat then make sure to enter your waist measurement each week and watch yourself get closer and closer to hitting your target goal.

The My Progress section tracks bodyweight, body fat percentage, and waist size by default but you can also set up and enter your own custom measurements that you would like to keep track of.