What should I do after I finish my diet plan?

After finishing your diet plan, don't be disheartened if you put a little weight back on, this is normal for most people. There are a number of reasons why this may happen, the most likely being that you have gained 'water weight' (which is nothing to worry about), or if you have been following a very low calorie diet, which can be difficult and unhealthy in the long term, and as a consequence you have begun to increase your calorie count.

Several important points are listed below, which should be of great help towards maintaining the results gained from following your diet plan.

Keep Yourself Relatively Active

Being active does not mean that you need to attend a gym, simply walk a little more each day and take the stairs wherever possible instead of using the lift or escalator. Even small increases in physical activity can make a real difference.

Continue To Improve How You Organise Yourself

Organisation is key! Make sure you have the ingredients you need stocked in your cupboard and fridge. Think/plan the meals you want, and can cook in advance. Meal planning in advance should reduce the prospect of eating snacks and junk foods.

Avoid Getting Into The Habit Of Drinking Too Many Sugar Laden Drinks

There is nothing wrong with having the odd bottle of coca cola or a few beers but keep in mind that if this becomes a daily habit it is likely to result in significant weight gain. Opt for water and herbal teas more often.

Create A 'go to' List Of Healthy Recipes That You Enjoy

Create a Flexible Dieting Meal Plan and choose 'maintain weight' in the calorie calculator. You don't need to worry about following the diet meal plan exactly, but just make a note of all the recipes you like (you can 'favourite' them so that they show up in your favourite recipes) and incorporate a number of them for each week depending on what you fancy eating.

Eat plenty of vegetables

Vegetables are low in calories, meaning that you can eat large portions without putting on weight. They are also high in fibre, which will increase feelings of fullness and automatically reduce the number of calories you consume during the day. Try serving several portions of vegetables with every meal.

Be consistent

Make sure you are consistent with your new diet and adopt it as a way of life. Dieting on and off will result in the re-introduction of old habits and consequent weight gain.