Vegetable Chilli

Nutrition per serving

Calories544 kcal
Protein25.2 g
Carbs45.2 g
Fats31.7 g
Saturated Fat12.7 g
Monounsaturated Fat14.7 g
Polyunsaturated Fat2.4 g
Sugars16.7 g
Fiber17.1 g
Sodium919 mg


Cheddar Cheese
Tomato products, canned, paste, with salt added
Black Beans (canned)
Canned Lentils
Dried Thyme
Ground Cumin
Ground Cinnamon
Red Pepper Flakes (Chili Flakes)
Chili Peppers
Olive Oil
Onion, Yellow
Red Bell Pepper (capsicum)
Chopped Tomatoes (canned)

1. Crush the garlic. 
2. Thinly slice onion and red bell pepper/capsicum. 
3. Chop fresh chili pepper. 
4. Grate the cheese.

1. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a medium saucepan. 
2. Saute onion, fresh chili and bell pepper until softened. 
3. Add chili flakes, cinnamon, cumin, parsley and thyme. 
4. Reduce heat to low and add garlic, black beans, lentils, tomato paste, chopped tomatoes and remaining oil. 
5. Cover and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring frequently. 
6. Remove cover and continue to cook until sauce thickens. 
7. Sprinkle with grated cheese just before serving.