Cajun Tofu with Rice and Green Beans

Nutrition per serving

Calories 475 kcal
Protein 19.8 g
Carbs 74.7 g
Fats 11.4 g
Saturated Fat Login
Monounsaturated Fat Login
Polyunsaturated Fat Login
Sugars Login
Fiber Login
Sodium Login


Login Extra Firm Tofu
Login White Rice (long-grain)
Login Beans, Green French Style
Login Olive Oil
Login Cajun Seasoning


  1. Drain the water from the tofu and press out the moisture using paper towels. Cut into 1cm slices.


  1. In a medium-sized bowl, mix together the cajun spice with a pinch of salt and pepper and 2 tbsp of water. Add the tofu slices and gently mix to coat. Leave to soak for 10 minutes.
  2. Boil some water in saucepan and add the green beans. Boil for 20 minutes, then drain.
  3. Boil some water in another saucepan. Add the rice and boil for 15 minutes, then drain.
  4. Heat 1 tsp of olive oil in a frying pan. Add the tofu (and any remaining marinade). Cook each side of the tofu for 3 minutes.
  5. Serve the tofu on a plate alongside the rice and green beans.


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